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enjoy~ ; u ;




haven't been uploading a lot because i'm waiting on some costumes. ((&&making some for once too~!!))

plus, i was in illinois&michigan forever.. &&i've been working too so that doesn't help either. nyeh.

besides that, i've got a giant update for y'all.

where shall i start? ;A;
costumes maybe?

i recently made my first cosplay costume&&i'm super proud of it. it's john egbert's god tier costume. i'm hoping to start making more of my costumes, hopefully it will save me money? cx
&&i will be posting photos of it once i have his wig done. ((my old john wig is now a karkat wig that i'm selling to my friend~ ...i should upload those photos of it while i'm on my computer~ xDD))
&&i have ordered my senbonzakura costume for rin kagamine from
i went on a limb and bought it off there, because one of my senpai's did a review on her costumes from that site on youtube ((sarahrose3x)) &they looked pretty good so i ordered from them ;u;
plus, the costume i order is really accurate looking in the photos&i'm hoping it'll look just like the photos. >o<;;
&really that's about it for costumes. ;o;

i'll be attending both metacon&anime fusion this year!
my last journal has a lot info on who i am going as&what panels i'll be in~
so check that out maybe? C':
edit; i'll also be in the cosplay contest at metacon as meltdown remix miku hatsune with my friends~! please come&watch us perform if you are attending metacon!!
double edit; i will also be in the cosplay contest at anime fusion~! i don't know what i'll be wearing, who i will be entering with or what i'll doing for that fact, but i plan on entering!

i'll also be at the japanese lantern festival on august 18th at the como zoo in st.paul~ so if you will be there say hi to me~! ((i'll probably be in senbonzakura rin, if it arrives in time.))

other than that there's not much else to say. ;o;
lotsa stuff has been going on&i haven't really left my house or anything unless its for work or cosplay. xDD
((i'm lame, i know. sorrynotsorry.. lololol.))


United States

facebook page. | youtube. | tumblr.

hey i'm bae-chan!
i'm currently 17&i live in minnesota.
i'm also 1/3 of Ohayou☆Pro.

my current fandoms include;
hetalia, black butler, vocaloid, amnesia, karneval,
future diary, utapri, inu x boku, aaaand i'm a closet homestucker.

feel free to watch me~
or talk to me, i'm very friendly. c:


art account;



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Thank you for the :+fav:. Please feel free to visit my facebook for more cosplay updates (Link:… )
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